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Contract Manufacturing Services

Piedmont provides a complete line of contract manufacturing services. We will fabricate individual parts, weldments, sub-assemblies to completely assembled equipment according to customer drawing and specifications. Let Piedmont become your manufacturing design and build partner if your company does not have the capacity to handle demand or you need manufacturing support as your company grows.

Parts Fabrication

Fabrication of mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel parts, made to your drawings, can be completed to meet your standards for quality and cost. Laser cut and formed parts to meet tight tolerances with detailed inspection prior to shipment. Finishing to customer specifications including painting, bead and sand blasting, or other specialty finishes.

Weldments and Sub-assemblies

Fitting and welding of sub-assemblies to drawings of other OEMs to meet their high expectations for quality. Stainless steel, aluminum, and mild stell weldments of all sizes and shapes with rigid quality standards to match your own. Contact Piedmont about providing mult-department fabrications if you  are having trouble keeping pace with demand.

Complete Fabrication and Assembly

Piedmont is capable of fabrication and assembly of complete machines or pieces of equipment as designed for use by your customer. Let Piedmont help meet your demanding schedule or reduce costs associated with working overtime by outsourcing the work to us.

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