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Piedmont Metal Fabrication has earned a reputation for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. From design to fabrication, and through installation and service, we deliver turnkey, custom-designed solutions to fit your specific needs. Our company is focused on providing quality that produces results so your focus can stay where it belongs...on your customers.

Our Vision and Mission.


Our vision

To be a leader in our industry and to be perceived as such by our customers, suppliers, and employees. To meet our customers’ expectations with regard to outstanding service, unrivaled quality, and superior value while continually growing our business and maintaining the financial health of our company.


Our mission

To use our extensive experience, our supplier relationships, our technical skills, and a commitment to create exceptional value for our customers to build our company for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Company Profile.


Piedmont is a customer-driven organization with a broad range of products, offering you the best possible high-quality manufacturing, industrial and commercial solutions, backed by unsurpassed expertise and service. Piedmont has earned a reputation for quality, innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction. From Engineering, Production, and Fabrication through Assembly and Installation, Piedmont delivers turn key, Custom Built Solutions. Our company is focused on providing customers with solutions matched to their need. Our history stretches back to 1982 and the reputation of our companies has been built on our unsurpassed innovation, workmanship and service.

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