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Equipment for Other Process Industries

At Piedmont, we can apply the same innovative design and mechanical excellence to your specific process requirements. We can take the insights gathered during a site visit evaluation and develop an implementation plan to suit a wide range of industrial manufacturing. From engineering layout to custom design, construction and installation, we provide a turnkey process that delivers true quality and productivity. We have the expertise and experience to deliver vibrating conveyors, cooling conveyors, right-angle transfer conveyors, turntables, hoppers, belt conveyors, case lifters, box dumpers and more specially designed to meet your process goals.

Some of the industries served...

Plastics Processing

Experience with bulk handling of raw materials in many forms, Piedmont is able to handle storage, processing and transportation of raw materials and manufacturing by-products.

Food Processing

Belt conveyors, Vibrating Conveyors, enrobers, hoppers, screw conveyors, screeners and surge bulkers for the food processing industry can be provided by Piedmont. Piedmont has experience in processing peanuts, cereals, vegetables, cookies, spices and much more…

Sawmills and Lumber Processing

Piedmont has provided custom solutions for lumber processing and sawmills. Belt conveyors, Vibrating Conveyors, drag conveyors, metal detector conveyors and green chains have all been designed and built by Piedmont. We have worked with furniture, wood veneer and wood pellet manufacturers to handle their bulk handling and processing needs.


Piedmont has experience with storage and handling of liquids in FDA regulated facilities. We provide design and fabrication of tanks, vats and sanitary piping solutions to meet your specific needs. Piedmont has experience designing and installing sanitary catwalks and access platforms for access for cleaning and maintenance.

Automotive Parts

Piedmont can provide custom part and unit handling, storage and containment solutions. Additionally, we can provide oil and lubricant containment systems for machining centers as well as custom guarding and safety barrier systems.


Recycling and Biomass Fuels

From glass reclaim systems to tire recycling to plastic recycling; Piedmont can develop custom solution to your processing needs. Whether you need to convey, screen or sort the material, Piedmont has your custom solution. As in the recycling industry, the Biomass fuels industry requires a great deal of bulk handling, screening, sorting and cleaning. Piedmont can help you find the solution to your processing needs.


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