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Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether its welding or shearing, Piedmont Metal Fabricators has the expertise to deliver results. We have a full range of engineering and design capabilities using Auto Cad R14 and Inventor. And we can translate those requirements from two-dimensions into the real world parts and equipment you need to be more productive and efficient.


Three Shears ¼” x 10’-0” Max. Capacity

Laser Cut


½” Mild Steel  78” x 120”

½” Stainless Steel 78” x 120”

¼” Aluminum 78” x 120”


Note:    Laser is CNC controlled.

              3000 watt capability.



5/16” x 6’-0” Mild Steel or Stainless Steel

½” x 6’-0” Aluminum

Angle and Tube, Bending Rolls


(2) Multi Spindle Drill Press

(3) Vertical Mills with Digital Read-Out

(1) Miltronics VM30 3 Axis CNC

(1) Horizontal Mill


(20) Mig Welding Machines (300 Amp)

(4)   Tig Welding Machines (300 Amp)

(2)   Universal Welding Machines -

                (Mig, Tig and Stick)  (300 Amp)

(2)   Plasma Cutter, Manual – 1” Capacity

(5)   Oxy-Acetylene Torches

(2)   Spot Welders 50 KVA


24 x 48 Bead Blast Cabinet – S/S Only

18 x 36 Bead Blast Cabinet – Carbon Steel

Acid Clean/Passivation of S/S Products.

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15  Ton Press Brake x 4’ Long

20 Ton Press Brake x 5’ Long

90 Ton Press Brake x 10’ w/ CNC Back Gauge

240 Ton Press Brake x 13’ w/ CNC Back Gauge

150 Ton Strippett x 10’ w/ CNC Back Gauge



2040 Wiedemann Turret Punch with CNC Control

35A Whitney Duplicator Punch

OBI Presses 5 Ton to 120 Ton Capacity with In-House Tool and Die-Making Capabilities 

90 and 150 Ironworkers




10” Swing x 36” C-C Tool Room

20” Swing x 72” C-C

30” Swing x 84” C-C

16” Swing x 228” C-C

Assorted M/S Equipment

(3) Bar Chuckers with Auto Feed

Hydraulic Press -  100 Ton

(2) Band Saws

Vertical Cut-Off Saw 10”x 10” w/ Mitering

Horizontal Cut-Off Saw 15”x 15” w/ Mitering

Horizontal Cut-Off Saw 8”x 8”

(2) Cold Saws

Hardness Tester

Full Line of Verniers, Calipers, Micro-Meters and measuring devices.


Automated conveying system thru two stage wash and rinse tanks into a 12’ x 24’ enclosed spray booth. Wet Paint/Air Dry


This system produces a very clean surface with a phosphate coating onto which primer, machinery enamel or epoxy paint adheres very well using either atomized mist or airless delivery.

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