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Engineering Services

Turnkey Process Design

From conception to start-up, let Piedmont assist you in formulating a plan that helps you tackle your processing needs or problems. We can assist in developing budget prices and conceptual layouts to allow the project to begin on the proper footing. When it's time to complete the project, rely on Piedmont for complete process and equipment design, fabrication, mechanical and electrical installation as well as process controls.

Engineering Layouts

Piedmont is able to help complete process layouts to improve your process by integrating new equipment, rearranging existing equipment, or optimizing the use of processing space. Many years of process experience has given Piedmont the understanding of how the product can best be handled with a minimum of degradation or yield loss while still allowing access for maintenance and room for production employees to operate.

Equipment Evaluation and Repair

Considering replacing some equipment? Let Piedmont examine your existing production lines and help you determine the best way to repair or replace it if necessary. We'll help you develop a complete cost benefit analysis comparing repair costs and replacement costs. If there is a decided benefit to repairing, we'll help you identify what needs to be fixed or upgraded and then manage those efforts. 

Reverse Engineer and Design Spare Parts

Processing equipment will have parts that wear out from time to time. Call on Piedmont to provide you with replacement or spare parts of the highest quality. If the manufacturer of the equipment is no longer able to supply the required parts, Piedmont can reverse engineer the replacement parts for your existing equipment that meet or exceed the capacity of those supplied with the original design.


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